Intelligent Property Investing Tips Abroad

Intelligent Property Investing Tips Abroad

Released an Affordability Sentiment Index 2015 Property Survey, which disclosed the opinion of 1,070 Indonesian respondents on overseas property ownership.

As a result, Australia (39%) ranks first as the property location owned by the people of Indonesia today, followed by United States (27%), UK (9%) and Singapore (7%).

However, Singapore remains a favorite country of Indonesia when choosing overseas property in the future, followed by Malaysia.

Overseas property owners reveal that better environment interior rumah and financing methods are a factor when buying property abroad.

Higher rental rates, future child education planning and lower risk of inflation and a surge in exchange rates, are also a major factor in the consideration of property consumers to invest in overseas property.

Although investing property abroad has many advantages plus lucrative returns, still you can not be arbitrary in making decisions.

Broadly speaking there are five things that must be prepared and understood well, as described below page.

1. Location
The first step begins with determining the location of the desired property. If you want a property away from the crowds and public facilities, you must be prepared with all the risks.

Example; If the property is used alone to remove the fatigue from everyday activities, certainly not a problem. However, if the property is to be leased, then the location close to the various facilities of the city is much more prospective.

Many people feel the location of the property near the airport is a privilege. Unfortunately, this closeness affects the high price of the property itself.

But the real thing to take into account is the travel time to the airport. Therefore, we recommend choosing a property with an hour's distance from the airport.

2. Funds
Before you start looking for properties, whether online or looking directly, you need to calculate your funds and how much your maximum purchasing power.

Often investors look for the property of their dreams, but do not pay attention to whether the funds are enough to get them. This of course often bring disappointment.

Therefore do not just calculate the price of the property being targeted, but also calculate all costs, taxes, financing, etc., so that your money is not exhausted just to buy the property.

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3. Do Research
Research is very important to do so that your investment does not end in vain. In addition to searching for detailed property information that is targeted, do not forget to observe the market conditions in that location.

Also include competitors and identify the market price of the property you're after. Make sure you pay at a reasonable price.

Do not be too quick to trust people who give info about the price of the property.

4. Create a Priority List
List priorities based on their importance, such as swimming pools, locations close to the beach, views, rental opportunities, children's facilities, and more. Then, specify what points can be eliminated.

With limited funds, it's hard to get all your wishes, so there must be things that need to be compromised.

The top ranking of the priority list, usually the ocean view, but properties with these characteristics are generally very expensive.

5. Future Projection
Many buyers only see property conditions when making transactions, but do not see the projected future of the property. You should always think that property purchased, will someday be sold.

In fact, if you do not intend to sell it in the near future, you also have to consider it, because your circumstances or needs can change at any time.

Many people buy when booming, tempted to buy new properties that look good, but the same shape with the property around it. This certainly heightens the potential for competition while lowering rental demand.
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