How to Charge Voucher Codes Google Play Through Indomaret

If you usually go shopping in the Play Store through a credit card that is commonly used, or with a pulse that can cut our credit balance, but is now shopping in the Play Store so much easier with the Voucher Code Google Play are provided by Indomaret.

This voucher is actually introduced directly by Indomaret on May 1, 2016 last. But there is no harm if YaTekno discuss it now so that others can know. Indomaret also been working with Google, in order to facilitate those who want to buy a wide range of needs in the Google Play Store.

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Indeed, with their vouchers like these are easier for users to purchase games and paid applications. Unlike credit cards are usually only held by the upper middle class.

Usually Googe Play voucher is required by the gamer. Both in buying a paid game, or make a purchase Gems for the game Clash Of Clans or Clash Royale This latter is very popular play.

To be able to directly buy Google Play voucher code in Indomaret, you only need to visit the nearest Indomaret in the house. Then you just say to the cashier to buy the voucher code Google Play or Google Gift Card .

There are three pricing options voucher that you can choose, which is Rp 150,000, Rp 300,000 and Rp 500,000. The price is certainly not include VAT and will have to pay in advance at the checkout. Later the guard cashier will give Google Play receipt voucher codes that contain a payment slip or voucher code
Here's a guide to charge Google Play Voucher Codes

First. of course you must first purchase a voucher code Google Play in Indomaret. The greater the price vouchers that you select, the greater the VAT would you pay for it later.

Once you buy and get a voucher code, then you can directly enter the voucher code into the Google Play Store account. Well, first open the Play Store app on android. After that did tap on the button three parallel lines that are in the top left corner.

Then tap " Account " / " Account ", and select " Payment Method " / " Payment Methods ". After that click the " + " which is right next to the left posts Payment method as shown below.

After that tap " Redeem Code " so that you can instantly redeem and fill the balance of the account to the Play Storemu.

In the menu, enter the code vouhcer Google Play that you have purchased in Indomaret. Enter the voucher code correctly. After that you can directly tap " Redeem " / " Redeem " so that the balance on the voucher can be directly loaded in the Play account Store.

Congratulations, you have successfully charging Google Play voucher. Well, now you can directly purchase paid apps or games available on the Play Store.
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