Food Causes and Prevention of Acne

Acne is not harmful to health but it can make a person self-confidence, especially acne met all our faces then it would be very disturbing appearance and make the face look unattractive. Talking about acne of course a lot of things that cause why acne can appear on the face, which may be due to hormonal factors, lack of attention to cleanliness face up to mistakes in choosing cosmetics or skin care products.

In addition to the above factors, errors in foods can also be a cause of acne on the face. Maybe some of us are not aware of this, so do not be surprised if your face is still pimpled despite doing all kinds of treatments as always consume foods that cause acne.

10 Food Causes and Prevention of Acne

Now the question is, what's the food like that can cause acne? okay if you are curious then please refer to the text below about any food can cause acne and what foods can prevent acne.

Food Causes Acne

1. Fried

Do you like to consume fried foods? if yes then you should start from now to reduce them. Although delicious, the fried food consumed in excess can make our skin becomes dull and trigger acne.

As we know that fried foods contain a lot of fat, now if we are too often consume fried foods then the fat will accumulate in the body. Excessive fat is then removed the body through the pores of the skin which then causes us to become more oily face. If we have an oily face, this will trigger acne.

2. Foods Made From Milk

Milk is one drink that is very beneficial for health. But you know what? although milk is very good for the body but some processed products such as milk-based yogurt, cheese, milk, milk cream and chocolate can be a cause of acne on the face. Therefore, consume such foods naturally and does not need to go overboard.

3. Alcohol

Everyone must know that drinking alcohol is strongly discouraged because besides intoxicating, it can also damage the health of the body. It was not just that the bad effects of alcohol, alcoholic beverages can also damage the beauty of your skin causes the face to become prone.

4. Nuts

Beans are one of the favorite snack for everyone, even sometimes there are some people who make beans as friends while watching television. Although it was tasty and had a good vitamin for the body, but still, if consumed in excess it can cause acne on the face. Just like fried foods, nuts contain fats that can make your skin becomes oily and could ultimately lead to acne.

5. Caffeine

Then the next food that can cause acne are foods or caffeinated beverages such as coffee, energy drinks, chocolate and certain medications. Caffeine can trigger the body to produce stress hormones that are not directly cause acne appears on the face. As we know, stress can also cause facial acne.

Food Preventing Acne

Once you know what foods can trigger acne, so this time I'll tell you what healthy food was very good for the skin and can prevent the coming of acne.

1. Cucumber

Who does not know the cucumber? I think maybe we are not familiar with the name of cucumber. Well, the cucumber is usually often used as vegetables or juice by some people or even some of us often make Timu as a vegetable.

Whatever it is, it consumes cucumber proved to have many benefits for us of which is to prevent acne on the face. As we all know that vitamins, water, antioxidants and vitamin C in cucumber is very good for our skin and it is cool, even not only that but also can prevent the inflammation that acne does not easily appear on the face.

2. Fish

Do you like to eat fish? if yes then we are. Vitamin content in fish is not only good for our bodies can even help improve the health of the eyes and brain. Not only that, the fish also contain omega-3 fatty acids can protect our skin from inflammation and prevent acne.

3. Olive Oil

Maybe some of us already know that olive oil is very good for skin health and beauty. You simply consume olive oil twice a day as much as a spoon then when morning and evening so it was enough to keep you from acne. Relax, you can get the olive oil in stores or supermarkets nearby because it is at this time has a lot of shops selling olive oil.

4. Green Tea

If you want to be healthy and free of acne then try to consume green tea. Green tea is very good for the body and is able to help detoxify so the toxins in our body get out so that the body becomes healthier and more beautiful kulitpun and free of acne.

5. Water

Then lastly there is water. We all know that the white water has a tremendous benefit to the health of our body and also beneficial for skin beauty. Consume at least eight glasses of water a day to keep the body hydrated and dehydrated.

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