What is Urban Farming?

Along with the growing awareness of the urban House will live a healthy, many of them urban farming activities on the grounds of the House to be able to produce healthy foods that can be consumed. What is urban farming?

Urban farming is the concept of moving a conventional farming to urban agriculture, there are different on the perpetrator and his planting media. Conventional agriculture more results-oriented production, while urban farming is more on the tukang taman murah character of culprit i.e. the urban community. Urban farming has become a lifestyle because of the higher consciousness of urban society to live a healthy lifestyle.

With urban farming activities, the public gets the availability of vegetables as a source of healthy nutrition, reduce the import of vegetables, greenwash of the environment, and help reduce the impact of global warming. A deeper understanding and extends about urban farming deliver this concept is no longer just the lifestyle of the urban House, but raising awareness of the community towards the quality of the food, nutrition, health and the environment. You certainly know that the quality of one's life is determined by the quality of the food that goes into his body. Imagine if you are always eating unhealthy foods, you will feel the impact as bad even though not in the short term.

The importance of urban farming as activities that contribute to the open green space and food security, create more and more communities are also interested to do this activity. One company that has always mengampanyekan the concept of urban farming this is East West Seed Indonesia (EWINDO), which produce vegetable seedsCap red arrow. "We are ready with a variety of strategies for urban farming campaign. Not only in Jakarta but also in surrounding cities. "said Muhammad Hariyadi Setiawan, Project Manager EWINDO. One strategy that has done EWINDO to reach morefarmers and lover of urban agriculture is by launching the application of Urban Farming Indonesia containing information varieties, cultivation technology and agribusiness. This application can be downloaded for free at Google's Play.
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