The story meets love match because the ATM card and charger smartphone

The story meets love match because the ATM card and charger smartphone

Erris Rohni Fauzi (26) still blushed in embarrassment given the beginning of her encounter with the husband, Rony Chartiko Widjaksono (27), two years ago. Couple different professions that initiated the meeting accidentally in the area of Central Jakarta in 2015 and ending with the sweet in mid-November in 2016.

Starting from complaints accidentally Erris reserved his ATM card is lost, the story of the romance of two employees of the different professions it began. "February 2015– an early. That time runs out of play the same friends in the back of my Office in the building Kemenpar. I just realized my lost ATM artu. Before leaving I nyabut ATMand then discharged it tuh ketelen, fall or anything. That's what I rememberbaseball. Finally the early route to nyari, "said he told Afp in Jakarta.

In the midst of confusion should be doing what, Erris decided to ask the Central officers stand guard in front of the Embassy of the United States at that time. The officers--who were not her husband now--suggest the Erris to report a case of losing it to the law enforcement authorities in the area of Gambir.

"He said if the loss had to wear mail loss, unless know if ketelen, straight to the bank. Because I know how ngurusnya Nah, I ended up nanya to fathers who are guarding the US Embassy. (Like there is the care of a team of Gegana). Anyway there are fathers police, nanya equal him, "he said.

The next day, during a lunch hour, Erris pool area was sapa back with Rony who is still on duty at their initial meeting location. Any crisp talk flowing. Rony then even had to borrow a charger courtesy of Erris.

"It turns out that our compatriot, if ngobrolin something that concerns the hometown, I think that person so gimana gitu, there is a kind of closeness. The people of the region, "said Erris Magetan.

"I'm honestly not a who likes the same typical police, soldiers. The dude seems stiff.He turned out to be the impression that I think if pertamaku chat lowly. Previously have never met are like that, "connect him. not even the intensive, they some times communicate via electronic messages, give each other asked to news-assistance.

"We start the Eid al-Adha near 2015. From there we intense communication. Chat-chat. Most I ask inter to an area that I know the baseball, "said Erris. The end of November, unexpected Rony admits his heart in Erris via phone. Hear that, Erris confessed to shocked.

"I'm still shocked, confused. I'm telling you, this is serious? If love's real talk live, tasty aja via the telephone. I like it and maybe he's the first person who I like and he likes me too. Usually the right love because it is loved. Equally ga-sensitive, passive, andprestige, "said Erris.

Split up seven months ten days a month, Rony weaves that are members of the team to the territory assignment Gegana Poso for two months, Hunt and Ingram group. Heard of that assignment, the heart of a sudden Erris erratically. Her little heart saying does not want dating long distance.

"January. He told me, was called to duty are told to want Poso. I've denger said Poso, kebayang away, hysterical first. I baseball want to LDR. I want him here, "said Erris.During the first two months, they have to experience difficulty communicating because the signal "merem-literate".

"Losing two months. It's baseball's no signal there. Can SMS already gratitude thank God. Recently two hours can signal. Sometimes he has to climb a tree to get a signal, "said Erris.

Ahead of the return, Rony get an extra service for two months. Knowing that, Erris spontaneous cry. It was not until the assignment there, Rony again extended a total of 7 months.

"So 7 months. Adds 10 days of the agreement. I felt already want to drop out, "saidYogkakarta CONTENT it graduates. "The reason persist because of the parents. Substantiating. There is a wisdom behind all, I avoid the LDR things baseball is desirable, "he imbuh.

Mid-August 2016, they make applications and padav9 November 2016 they finally officially became the wives of married couples. "My places the events in the Covenant of marriage, November 9 and November 12 (reception) and at home he (the husband), November 13. I get cold, "said Erris.

While smiling her muttering, could spend the rest of his life along the high berpostur man and skinny body has been reached already. Erris claimed to be grateful.

"I like the typical guy tall skinny. Fulfilled in him (height 178 cm). Calm, patient. If the way he coolong down. Mute, offset, "the woman who is now working pungkas in that Ministry of tourism.
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