The Contents Of Your Wallet On A Budget? 6 How to save in the fasting month Ala the son of Kos

Who the hell knows the Customs and life of the super simple and super saver ala child kos? If you are one of the sons of kos, you surely understand how. Moreover currently being signed in the month of Ramadan, you surely could not stand the temptation of the run out and buy all kinds of food to takjil, open and Suhoor right?

Each passing by on the sidewalk, there must have been only builders sell food that is tempting to purchase. But of course you cannot buy everything, because the contents of the wallet as well on a budget, much less when the task of stacking and much to be diprint or photocopied.

All need money, but how do I set money intelligently in order to keep feeding needs are met when Ramadan? This is how.

Create your own Takjil
Create your own takjil is pretty easy to do if you have a kitchen in kos or at least have a heater. One way is to buy one teabag box, its contents are definitely around 25 bag and the price is not more than 5 thousands, and you can already make a hot tea as takjil. Sugar bring only from home or ask a friend if it does not want to buy.
Take advantage of the refrigerator (if any)
If boarding houses happen to provide a refrigerator, then take advantage of everything possible. You can make ice cubes, buy fruit and make your own ice takjil. Even more cerdasnya, you can open the impromptu effort by selling takjil because it does not need to buy ice outside and not fear the fruits fast stinking. Well, so have earnings right?
Cook the rice itself
The most delicious if you bring the magic jar or the rice cooker itself. Rice can bring from home and you could save money to buy rice. Live buy courses: course. You also don't need to hesitate if you want warm rice adds, because it is always available in kos.
Cook vegetables and side dishes alone
If you are not the type of Slacker and can cook, then shopping to the market will be more frugal. Cook vegetable and side dish on its own. Simply sautéed Kale with a side dish of fried tempeh, tofu or egg fried egg, Suhoor and Iftar food heaven seemed already kok.
Supplies of instant noodles
This is the mainstay of the kos, enough to provide instant noodles with a variety of flavors in kos and you can eat delicious and thrifty.
Roving search takjil (and eat) free
In a position of really thin wallet, this powerful way for young boarders. Try travelling around the streets, usually a lot of people to share takjil and even nasi box free for breaking the fast. You can also stop by the mosque towards the Iftar, because usually available takjil.
So, ready-ready to use manner that number? Yuk smart and thrifty use of money ye sons of kos. Or have its own unique way to save money? Hopefully the tips useful yesteryear.
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