Step Swimming Pool Care After Treatment

Step Swimming Pool Care After Treatment
To satisfy the quality standards of the water clean and healthy water is then ready to use the swimming pool in the system as well as originally passed through the system that has been specified above, then we can teach you how to step in to stabilize the water so that the water is not limited to easily damaged or dirty often.

swimming pool treatment

As for her treatment with step intervals or dosing system can put custom pump pembuatan kolam renang with timer calculations specific or simple step, as the parable we explore with simple steps i.e. as follows:

The first step i.e. give ¼ drugs alone at the pool every 3 days at the beginning of the water pool in the clear with steps in the dirt past the filter is vacuum drawn or vacum mobile
If you are interested in normal maindrain, valve is vacuum drawn off, valve balancing tanks (over flow system switch off and open the valve is vacuum drawn channel fittings for the system over flow or skimmer to the dirt above can overflow then the dirt under the sediment can be reached by mobile vacum
First test the water ph and chlorine content in the pool water test kit use, whether ph, cl or whether less
When the moisture content of the ph/chlorine in stable situation so our next step adds to chlorine in the water so that kept stable within a span of three days, the next section i.e. imbuhkan chlorine 90% 2 handheld hand adult (for standard size more or less volume of water 40m3) as well as trussi 1 handheld melted) with alternating
It can also imbuhkan clhorine tablets 90% number of 3bj waters or to the pool in the balancing tank, so that the dirt attached to the clhorine and continue to bind the content of clhorine in addition clhorine also did not easy banned into the floor water
next turn on the machine the circulation of min 6 hours/day on condition that the handle of the filter in the filter position
As well as for healing in the next 3 days working on the same subject so that the stable situation in the water konentrasi
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