Plant Vines for Secondary Skin house building

As is known, the plant has many benefits for mankind. Because of that, people host it at home with a variety of ways. However, more than just plant a garden or interiordecorating, green plants can also be used as a protective exterior wall for home,loh!

Outer wall would certainly be affected by the heat and rain, giving a secondary protective skin or both for the physical building, can help the walls last longer. There is a lot of material that was used as the second patron of the House, for example, wood or metal. However, besides these two objects, the green plant can be utilized.

As it appears on the residence of the Ari Andoko. The side walls of the House are covered tukang taman surabaya with a variety of plants your vines. However, such indirect plant stuck to the wall. NET to put plants your vines is mounted on a pole. The pole is placed in front ofa wall with sloping positions.

Previously, the plant installed attached to the wall, but as they cause seepage on theother walls, the owners decided to change the placement of the plants. By using the mast, the plant can continue to protect and cool the walls without inflicting damage on other parts.

In addition, the treatment plant can be done easily. Of course, views of the green plant can also beautify the look of the exterior of the home and provide other benefits, such as a dirty air filter and reduce kebisngan.

'Ve seen it? In Foreign Affairs called by the name upside-down methods. Pot plant bottom at lubangi, then enter the plant by way of terbailk. Some brands out there that have been producing a special pot for growing herbs in a way upside down so that it is no longer necessary to manually punching holes. However, whatever it is, with the way this plant could be a more fun activity while giving a unique look. [Read: Yuk, Planting Herbs in a way upside down]

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