Location filming drama "Goblin" made a tour package

Location filming drama "Goblin" made a tour package

Drama "Goblin: The Lonely and the Great God" is popular in Korea has been attracting local tourists and foreign tourists to visit a scenic backdrop to this drama.

The Director of the Korea Tourism Organization Jakarta Oh Hyonjae in a press release revealed that there will be a tour package which aims to visit filming locations drama Goblin.

Considered the most beautiful place in the backdrop of this drama is the breakwater. This breakwater is a low dam built to prevent sand pushed to the shore and became shallow.

In the play, the main character Ji Eun-tak, sitting on the breakwater while blowing the candles birthday cake and convey his expectations.

After that, all of a sudden the Goblin, Kim Shin, appears and gives him the buckwheat flowers.

Place the breakwater that became the backdrop of this drama are at the beach in Yeongjin Jumunjin, Gangwon Province.

While this drama into a warm discussion, hundreds of tourists already flock to the breakwater of this every day.

In addition, there are several places that will be used as package tours, which are Evergreen forest Street in recognition of the place of Woljeongsa Goblin touches and beautiful, the sky garden in Yongpyong resort second place main cast confirms their love, as well as sheep farms where the Goblin Daegwallyeong reappeared after 9 years of vacillating.

More than 30 men Japan who do not have the hair gathered in the area of Tsuruta, Wednesday (22/2) and then show off the kebotakannya through a unique competition.

The participants who are members of "Bald Men Club" interchangeably attraction rope tied to each head, like a game of tug of war in General.

"My head still hurts. I think the need to cool it, "said one participant, Toshiyuki Ogasawara (43).

Other participants, Masatomo Sasaki (64), which was the first time the new competition it said originally he was not comfortable with baldness is hers. But this time everything felt different.

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