Health Hazards Swim In The Pool Berkaporit

Although the swim gave many benefits for health, but using the time too long in a swimming pool in fact also not good. because chlorine – antiseptic used to kill bacteria as well as clear water – in the pool too dangerous to health.


For some people, the scent of chlorine itself can cause asthma and other kontraktor kolam renang jakarta health problems. refer to the various dangers of swimming in the pool berkaporit more information, like which are written from a medical chart below.

For owners of sensitive skin, allergies too so health threats if they often swim in the pool berkaporit. allergy symptoms for example that is itchy, red skin, and swelling.

Speech too excess chlorine can disrupt breathing in children. they are then at risk ofbeing attacked asthma and lung disease. something Belgian research is also used tosay that regular visits to the pool berkaporit is associated with an increased risk of asthma in children.

Erosion Of Teeth
Because the contain chlorine pool water ph, then so too acidic. to use time too longin the pool water can also add erosion and damage to the teeth.

Swimming rose to common activities for pregnant women to lower the risk of labor pain. However the pool berkaporit thus endangering the fetus due to chemical compounds inside. the danger of them i.e. accidental abortion or miscarriage.

Bladder Cancer
Research associate something speech of chlorine with risk of bladder cancer. with detailed, consuming chlorine – are generally not intentional by some swimmers – can increase the risk of bladder cancer by 35-50%.

The health hazards when swimming too long in the pool berkaporit. hopefully useful.

Thus the core of the above steps, namely the early treatmen for absolute meticulous ph first what is the new kisaranya then wait an hour of chlorine input continues toenter the soda ash wait an hour again then input a pac wait again a jamagar medication well mixed but with a note of the machine must die, let the dirt settles all 24 hours so that the dirt attached to the new drug, the brothers grime we take or in vacuum.
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