Buy Luxury Bags Online, Flowers Zainal Fooled Hundreds Of Million Of Rupiah

Always be cautious in online shopping Ladies. During this lively indeed once fraud is done through online shopping. Therefore you should know very well that you place online shop shop is indeed very trusted and not cheat. One of promo giant minggu ini the artists who are a victim of fraud online Flower shop is Zainal. Offered by Kapa (17/6), intending want to buy luxury bags, flowers and even fooled hundreds of millions of Dollars.

Flowers in a branded bag buy online shop. Unfortunately it turned out that the bag she buy is counterfeit products, and Flowers already spend a lot of money. Furious with the behaviour of the online shop of flowers ever upload instagramnya account in this case.

Flowers apparently none exist other victims deceived by this online shop. He also took a screen capture of the account with the name Ade Ringga.

Flowers also renders the caption that the victim of the online shop is not just him. There have been many other victims who are eaten is persuasion of this online shop account. The followersnya in order to encourage flowers do not get tempted and deceived by this account.

"Be careful with the people I uploaded this picture he is a BIG cheater name ADE RINGGA selling counterfeit goods and said it was original with prices tens of millions even hundreds of millions. I am one of their victims to buy Fendi Bags by 2015 but turns out the item is FAKE (false). It's been an awful lot of victims of fraud. Cheats to cover repayments on debt, lifestyle, home husband etc. Please help me spread the word of this photo! This is now the name of his IG @awlktmsub he likes change – change name of IG, "wrote Andrew Flower.

The case experienced by these flowers could be a lesson that we are increasingly careful when shopping online for Ladies. Many things remain to be aware of such testimony and clarity from the online shop. Be a smart shopper Yes Ladies.
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