Before Gadaikan Certificates home, read this first!

Before Gadaikan Certificates home, read this first!

Got home a lot thankfully. In addition to such efforts can be used to open the store daily needs, cafe, salon, or made kos-kosan, the other advantage is can menjaminkan certificate in tribulation and need fresh funds quickly.

Yes, than the other type of investment, the property is indeed rated banks as the most valuable guarantee. Since the submission of the loan with the assurance of a large property there for approval. Moreover, the filing requirements of the loan with collateral property is quite easy.

But there are some risks that you need to know when you will be jual tanah di solo  mortgaged houses, either because certificates desperate need or necessity to add business capital.

One logic that you can use is the most important asset that the House is in your life for your family. Question: do you truly believe only the most important assets are mortgaged in your life?

Furthermore you are sure if filing a loan guarantee with the House will surely be approved by the bank? Don't be sure first because the bank will examine the ability of Your return loan with very ripe before providing the Fund to you.

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The Bank has an analysis known as 5 c (Capacity, Character, Condition, Capital, and Collateral) to decide the filing of credit customers. As the image then here are the factors that make the bank not to approve your application, such as:

The Bank knows your condition a really desperate. This situation will make the bank think that you can potentially give rise to bad credit.
When the certificate has become the home of your last weapon, the bank will also think that most likely you already have a lot of debt in other places.
Because the bank will evaluate and learn your financial strength – let alone a certificate is generally the last ammunition House – then you will be hard to convince the bank if you are actually able to pay off the mortgage to be given.
In addition, understand also that the terms of the submission of the certificate of guarantee credit with a home that will digadaikan to get cash loans, among them:

A certificate of the applicant's behalf should be home yourself.
There is access to the driveway leading to the House that can be passed over the vehicle which is a public road, not the family.
Home location is not adjacent to the Tomb, the River, and not under the high-voltage air duct (SUTET) because the location like this did not have a good selling points.
And to know in depth reviews of potential as well as the prospect of a property, you can visit the review properties.

But not to worry. As far as you can convince the ability to pay the instalment to the bank lender, of course your credit application will be approved.

Thus, if in the end the bank had already approved, whether there are still other challenges? Of course there is and thus this is your actual challenge: consistency pays the mortgage and loan interest, or your home will be confiscated!
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