Ayu Gusfanz, Goddess Of Child Origin Guitar Bali

Aisha Eka Rev. Caroline or often accosted Ayu Gusfanz is a young female guitarist 9 year old origins of the Nusa Dua, Bali is now his name began to decorate a virtual world with its own guitar skills are far above average child her age,

The name arose when ayu upload some videos to the youtube site harga gitar akustik yamaha some time ago and successfully hypnotize every visitor the site through his guitar playing with a very vivacious bak professional guitarist.

Blood musicians in ayu had inherited from his father since childhood Was accustomed to hear the instrumental songs such as Steve vai and Yngwie Malmsteen played the father, and was often see his father playing guitar and performing with the band, the moment this is what makes ayu interested in learning musical instruments guitar and would like to become a guitarist.

Finally at the age of about 7.5 years ayu forced his father to teach him the guitar, even though at first she did not want her father to become guitarist with reason in order that ayu is different from himself, but by looking at the talent and ability who owned ayu ayu show far exceeded the estimated finally ayu managed to make the father changed his mind and his father eventually want to teach her.

Not only to his father he studied, the uncle also often give references create Ayu, as well as om his living in Java, Jon progressive (Situbondo), Prihatna Jimmy P (Banyuwangi) they are both okay give references Online to ayu.

She is very active in learning, at least a minimum of 30 minutes to 60 minutes a daywas spent to practice, sometimes it could be more depending on the level of difficulty of the song. In addition to his school lessons learned should be ayu.

She belongs to a child prodigy because, just in need of time around 6 months for ayu conquers the song "Far beyond the sun" Yngwie Malmsteen property that in fact is filled with tricks and techniques like the Taping high level guitars, Sweeping, High-speed Picking Arpeggios etc ayu is able to master, this is a very short time for children 9 years of age bracket like ayu.

"one song ever until 6 months his studies (far beyond the sun), Yngwie Malmsteen, the time was not yet able to speed, difficulty level and the duration of the track length heee .... it's first instrument was the learning speed." said ayu told reporters GitarPlus some time ago.

After hatam song "far beyond the sun" belongs to Yngwie Malmsteen finally ayu any give gifts of guitar Ibanez Jem FP hitherto loyal accompany ayu playing guitar and at the same time as the first guitar owned ayu.

At that time the song was successful in the cover was when learning guitar is Yngwie Malmsteen "Far Beyond the sun" and Steve vai "For The love Of God. Although the guitar used in greater if she compare with his size but this will not be a barrier to create an ayu.

She idolizes Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, jhon Petrucci, Garry Moore,Andy Timmons, Erick Johnson, Andy James, Guthrie govan. According to him, they have a privileged sklil and suitable for references ayu in a music at once to hone kemampuanya in learning science and engineering mamperdalam his guitar.

Armed with a guitar Ibanez JEM FP (not ORI) and-efeck: NS-2 Boss, PB 1000 CS 400, Behringer Behringer, Cry Baby GCB 35 Dunlop, Boss TU-80, DS-1 Boss MT-2, Boss, Ibanez TS 9, RV-5 Boss, and the Boss DD-7 Amp: Russel RG-15 and of course the incredible skill, ayu successful steals the world's attention, even she got appreciation from the world guitarist Andy Timmons and classmate Andy James. woow.

"For covering (cry for you) Andy Timmons, he gave video appreciation and Ayu in the tags on FB, in (official Andy Timmons) and Andy James also gave Appreciation hecomment on YouTube and the video Was in the tags on his fb jg (official Andy James)" says a young girl birth Bondowoso 3 June 2005 to GitarPlus.

Although currently ayu is still sitting on the bench in the elementary school SDN 1 Benoa, Nusa dua, Bali, was already a lot of applying the achievements of plume that is the champion of the 1st The best performance with the Band (the band MajestY) at an event at the HOTEL Ayodya Nusa Dua November 14, 2014-1: hope Champion and the favorite in the event of BANYUWANGI GUITAR COMPETION 26 Oct 2014 Se Java Bali.
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