5 a young woman that Excited Guitarist the world

The following list of Young women who Guitarist Hebohkan World version of guitar magazine online indonesia

1. Tina S.

Tina S is a French girl guitarist, the name world famous period began when her game uploads guitar that meng cetar formations with a cover of the song Eddie Van Halen "Eruption" and "Arpeggios From Hell" By Yngwie Malmsteen to video sharing website Youtube success in hujani millions of view and a torrent of positive comments by youtube visitors.

2. Zoe Thompson

Zoe Thompson is a Schoolgirl from Newbury Rock School in the United Kingdom, his mind is very different from girls her age at umunya se who love doll, but zoe prefer Guitar as a friend bermainya everyday, Even Zoe was already playing on The Mini Band since the age of 8 years,

3. Li-sa-X
Rica X (Nick Name Youtube) is a little girl who is very adept at playing the electric guitar melody!. Because the girl child was eight years old it was very slick when its fingers touch every string.

Unmitigated imitated guitarist Guthrie Govan!, which is one of the guitarists in the harga gitar akustik murah world again. Li Sa X or Risa X was able to to do the tricky parts on the song that brought Gutrhie Govan as the Guitarist of the Year in 1993 with the perfect.

4. Divaldi Addina

Even though now he was only 13 years old, but the young virtuoso guitarist in Indonesia has managed to amaze viewers of Youtube for several years with deadly guitar technique techniques in they are holding. In fact he has been in great guitar endors by brand "Capareli Guitar"

5. the Meliani Siti s.

Meliani Siti. S, a berhijab Girl medsos hebohkan video thanks to covernya on youtube play guitar song Hurglass by Lamb Of God draws a lot of media attention abroad a few months ago,

Meliani is grade 3 students in one of the CMS in bandung. He started learning to play the guitar since grade 5 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL from a guitar belonging to his older brother's friends. He admits only learned autodidact. First main guitar, melani indirect plays metal music. Indeed all need process, as time goes by and the increase of skills and references. A more extreme music is becoming the choice of 15 year old girl.

After the video on youtube at hujani comments, praise and support from the a-listers metal, Chief Editor of the page music MetalSuck, Axl Rosenberg also gave praise,bakan Axl also dare to swear an oath on behalf of all the people that are in metalsuck, he dared to nominate a new guitarist meliani became a major metal band Megadeth.
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